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    Welcome to 08Translate - the website where you can search for the free alternative freephone and geographic numbers for those pesky premium rate numbers that UK businesses continue to force their customers to dial.

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    To find a specific freephone or geographic alternative numbers, please type your query in the 'Search alternative numbers' box at the top of the page. You can search by telephone number or by company name and/or department, and 08 Translate will search the freephone number to call.

    Non geographic numbers

    Non-geographic numbers can often be used as revenue makers for these big companies. Calls to 0870 and 0845 numbers from mobile or land lines incur additional call charges which are paid out to the benefit of the company and their telecoms provider. Organisations using these numbers are effectively being subsidised by this revenue.

    Are all 08 numbers free to call?

    The answer is that many UK phone numbers beginning with 08 are premium rate numbers, meaning they will cost you money to call.

    0845 numbers from mobile

    Some of these numbers are typically expensive to call, and are very rarely covered by the inclusive minutes you may have as part of your mobile or landline deal.

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